International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is an international qualification that prepares students for academic and vocational study including progression to GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS), Advanced level (A-level) and entry into Universities in and outside Kenya.

The British curriculum is available in 40 subjects and is equivalent, grade by grade to UK GCSEs.

We offer the British curriculum to students of all ages as below:

  • Foundation Stage: early years
  • Reception: 2-5 years
  • Key stage 1: Year 1and year 2        5-7  years
  • Lower key stage 2: Years 3 and 4     7-9  years
  • Upper key stage 2: Years 5 and 6    9-11 years
  • Key stage 3: Years 7 and 8        11-13 years
  • Key Stage 4 (middle school)         Years 10 to 11
  • Key Stage 5 or British A-levels     Years 12 and 13

 Year 8 intake is in September every year. The final exam for year 11 candidates is in May/June every year. A level takes two years (year 12 and 13). Those who sit for K.C.P.E join the school in January every year.


The following subjects are offered:

Mathematics,English language, English Literature,English as a second language,Information and Communication Technology,Religious Studies, Swahili, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History,French, Global Citizenship, Business Studies, Graphic |Design, Human Biologyand Fine Art.

A number of subjects are compulsory to give the students a firm foundation and other subjects remain elective.

Examinations are set and marked by the examining bodies. The syllabus is reviewed and set by the examination bodies.

Teachers keep abreast of the latest information through online training and insets organized by the examination bodies.


Applicants are expected to have done seven years of study, standard one to seven to join year 8. Those of year 9 are expected to be graduates of KCPE or its equivalent.

Students should submit a fully filled admission form and the latest academic report form, if a transfer.


The school has a vibrant Careers Department which advises students on the issues relating to careers. Students are advised on the right subjects leading to different careers and cluster subjects required by universities for selection in various courses. It also advises which universities offer what courses so that students can make the right career choices.

Our students join universities all over the world and take different courses. Welcome All!


The excellent facilities and the diverse skills of our staff enable the the school to offer a rich choice of extra-curricullar activities for our students. The school aims to help the students discover their hidden talents thus enabling them to develop a positive attitude towards school. Our students participates in the following activities outside class

  • Netball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Tabletennis
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife
  • Debate
  • First aid
  • Drama


Our school has well equipped science laboratories and computer lab. It has a well stocked library with past papers, reference books and course books.

  • Standby generator ,solar and wind power generation
  • Spacious and airy classrooms
  • A large modern dining hall with T.V and sound equipment
  • Play grounds
  • Constant water supply from the school
  • Drinking water treatment in the school




This section is open to 8.4.4 students who scored a C and below in K.C.S.E. and students currently who have finished Year 11 examinations. Different subjects available in A- level include: 

  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Religious Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • ICT
  • Business Studies

 This is a one year course that gives students a new lease of life. After the one year course, students join different  universities in and outside Kenya. Students pick 3 principal subjects and one subsidiary subject. Entry requirement to the university for A level student is 2 principal passes and a subsidiary which our students achieve with ease.

Form 6 exams are administered by Pearsons Edexcel and Cambridge Examinations Board. There is always a chance to achieve your dream of joining a university of your choice anywhere in the world.


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