How To Choose A Competitive Career

Every year, we receive thousands of inquiries from school leavers on the various programmes they can undertake at University and tertiary institutions. Whereas a few of them seem to have reasonable knowledge on post-secondary training, there are numerous students who lack basic but critical information on the foundations of career planning and choice. We often come across students who insist on studying for a course where they clearly lack basic foundation in academic and attitude preparation. Indeed, there are cases where students have enrolled in certain programmes but later on discover they lack interest in the particular field. How then can we choose a career that we can pursue for a lifetime? Below are some guidelines, for a complete guide click on this link to access our career guide book 

Focusing on Career Goals

Unlike the hyena, the lion is a super predator. It often selects its prey from a herd. It does not necessarily choose the weakest animal. Once it has locked its vision on one animal, it gives a chase to the very end. It does not change its mind even if it by-passes a slower animal. This is how focused people chase their dream careers by shutting out all distractions. So, how do you chase your dream? 

  1. Have a specific goal

People who succeed know exactly what they want in life. They do not entertain any distraction or confusion. A specific goal ensures that you do not waste your time, efforts and resources.

  1. Visualize your goals

That which can be easily visualized, can be easily actualized. When you talk about your goals, they begin to take a vivid shape. There is no short cut to hard work. It is not enough to dream and do nothing. You must wake up and work out your dreams.

  1. Be Determined

Determination is the source of momentum in your studies. You can only overcome challenges and obstacles in your career path with determination.

  1. Value yourself

Be convinced of your ability to achieve your career goals. Your self-esteem is the source of motivation and confidence. Build certain values around yourself such as diligence and hard work.

  1. Have a good mentor

Mentors are people who have succeeded in the field you want to pursue. Mentors are a source of inspiration and they will influence you positively towards your goals.

  1. Think positively

If you think positively about your career path you will attract positive results. Think big. Avoid prophets of doom who thrive in discouraging others

Steps in Choosing a Career

To make a good career choice, start with yourself. You need to consider your interests, abilities, preferences and then plan your career choices accordingly. Identify careers related to your interests, abilities and preferences. Planning your career depends on the quality of career information available to you. As you begin to explore your-career options, consider asking for guidance from librarian, school career office, Internet to research. To determine your interest join a club that undertakes activities in the line of what you want to be, job shadowing, try out a hobby or volunteer to work in areas related to the kind of careers you are interested in or contact professional groups.

Career Types and Personalities

  1. Realistic careers

These are the skills and technical oriented jobs. Work here involves tangible and practical skills where people work with tools, machines, plants and animals.

  1. Investigative careers

The professionals here are scientific and laboratory-oriented. They have a high curiosity, intellectual input and empirical approach to issues. Their work involves analyzing facts, solving puzzles, dealing with charts, numbers, formulae, graphs and data processing.

  1. Artistic careers

Those who excel in these careers are arts-oriented, creative, expressive and aesthetically conscious.

  1. Social careers

These involve working with people. Those who excel here have an inner urge for helping others. They like training, informing, enlightening, arbitrating and organizing other people.

  1. Enterprising careers

These careers involve influencing and persuading other people. There is a lot of goal and profit orientation in these jobs.

  1. Conventional careers

The careers here involve highly orderly, routine and practical jobs. Often, there are some inflexible activities.

  1. Adventuring

This involves being involved institutions and tasks that require physical endurance, competing with others, and some degree of risk-taking. People with this career interest enjoy involvement in athletics, working in the military/ law enforcement professions and participating in risky and adventurous events.

Getting ready for the industrial jobs. Where do you see yourself working in the future?

Turn your career goals into reality

With a clear focus, you can turn your career goals into reality. This will bring happiness and fulfillment into your life. It is very easy to live life by going through the motions without actually living fully. Far too many young people are getting up every day with no passion or purpose in what they want to become. They have lost track of their life goals and are not sure how to get back to the path towards living a fulfilled life. But you can do the following to remain on course

  1. Turn your goals into habits
  2. Break your goals into smaller parts
  3. Watch out for the negative thoughts
  4. Keep your mind open to changes

Most competitive courses for self-employment

Are you looking for an academic programme that will give you a ready market practical training? These skills also enable you to start your own enterprise and start earning a living as soon as you graduate.

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